Fire Containment Covers (F.C.C.’s)

Aviation F.C.C.’s, Tarps, & Curtains

aircraft fire containment cover manufacturerFire Containment Covers

Intertex Textiles is an Air Craft Fire Containment Cargo Cover (F.C.C.) manufacturer in Canada. We manufacture fire containment covers to carrier requirements, fire containment cargo covers as mandated by AD 93-07-15. Our fire containment airline covers are used to contain and suppress fire in the cargo hold area of an Aircraft. 

As a manufacturer of Aircraft fire containment cargo covers in Canada, Intertex offers customized sizes and designs, and excellent pricing and delivery. Intertex FCC’s are offered in tarp and curtain style designs depending on the cargo to be protected. Intertex has over 15 years of experience manufacturing fire containment cargo covers in Canada.  Our FAA and Transport Canada approved materials are built to suppress heat and fire in an aircraft.

Intertex Textiles also manufactures Industrial cargo covers for the Canadian transportation industry including aviation and rail. Contact Intertex for more information on our materials for fire containment covers.