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Our “think outside the box” approach helps us provide creative solutions to custom protective products for industrial applications

Robot Covers

Protect your Robot and minimize production downtime

Our protective robot covers are made to prevent damage and high maintenance costs due to contact with heat, molten metal, moisture, as well as metal scrapings and lubricants.

The design and materials utilized are based on a number of factors including movement of the robot, proximity to heat and/or molten metal, moisture and chemical exposure.

Intertex Robot covers are built to last, easily removable, and are offered in coated materials such as Silicone coated Kevlar™ & Fibreglass, as well as Teflon™.

Fire Containment Covers

Aviation Fire Containment Covers designed to suppress and contain fire

We manufacture fire containment covers (FCC) to carrier requirements. Our fire containment airline covers are used to contain and suppress fire in the cargo hold area of an aircraft as mandated by AD 93-07-15. 

Intertex FCC’s are offered in tarp and curtain style designs depending on the cargo to be protected. Our FAA and Transport Canada approved materials are built to suppress heat and fire in an aircraft.

Cable Sleeving

Custom sizes to protect all of your industrial sleeving applications

Our custom fabricated aluminized cable sleeving is designed to protect wires, cable & gas lines from heat sources, molten metal exposure, and other hazards such as steam and chemical attack.

Our aluminized cable sleeving is also sold with our without Velcro™ closure, and customized sizes and diameters and lengths. Common materials include:

  • Aluminized Carbon Kevlar™
  • Silicone Coated Kevlar™
  • Silicone Coated Fiberglass

Curtains & Blankets

Custom fabricated heat barrier curtains and blankets that insulate and protect

As a Canadian supplier of welding blanket fabrics, our product line includes Thermoglass™ woven Fiberglass, Kevlar, Acrylic, as well as our Silicone & Teflon™ coated fabrics.

Our custom designed welding curtains are made to our customer’s specifications and can withstand small sparks, to large molten slag and metal. Applications include welding drop cloths, heat barrier curtains, exhaust hood curtains, and other applications designed to protect personnel and machinery from heat exposure.

Fire Blankets

High temperature fabrics that demand the ultimate in heat resistance

Our custom manufactured Fire Blankets are used to protect machinery and personnel from minor sparks to heavy molten slag and metal in welding applications.

Made to order with quality materials, our Canadian fire blankets are designed to last.

Film & TV

Specialty fabrics for safety and visual effects in film and television productions

Intertex manufactures and supplies custom designed heat resistant clothing, curtains, and specialty products that are used in the film and television industry.

While spectacular to watch on film, behind the scenes, Hollywood stunts need to remain safe for all personnel involved in their production. 

Most recently, our equipment was featured in the 2022 movie “Firestarter”, based on the Stephen King novel.

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