Custom Fabricated Protective Robot Covers & Protective Aluminized Cable Sleeving

custom fabricated protective robot covers protective aluminized cable sleevingCustom Robot Cover

Intertex Textiles is a manufacturer of Robot covers in Canada. Our protective Robot covers are made to prevent damage and high maintenance costs due to contact with heat, molten metal, moisture, as well as metal scrapings and lubricants.

As an industrial textiles supplier, Intertex has access to many industrial fabrics and cloths with which to manufacture our Robot covers. Intertex Robot covers are made in Canada. Our custom made Robot covers are built to save costs on maintenance and to extend the life and performance of these machines. Design and materials for Intertex Robot covers are based on a number of factors including movement of the Robot, proximity to heat and/or molten metal, moisture & chemical exposure.

Intertex Robot covers are built to last, easily removable, and are offered in coated materials such as Silicone coated Kevlar™ & Fiberglass, as well as Teflon™.

Our custom fabricated aluminized cable sleeving is designed to protect wires, cable & gas lines from heat sources, molten metal exposure, and other hazards such as steam and chemical attack. Our aluminized cable sleeving is also sold with our without Velcro™ closure, and customized sizes and diameters and lengths. Common materials include

Aluminized Carbon Kevlar™, Silicone Coated Kevlar™, & Silicone Coated Fiberglass.

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