Cut Resistant Safety Clothing

cut resistant kevlar clothing manufacturer canadaKevlar Cut Resistant Clothing

Intertex is a manufacturer of cut resistant Kevlar™ Clothing. Intertex cut resistant Kevlar™ safety clothing is used primarily in the flat glass manufacturing industry. Our cut resistant Kevlar™ safety clothing protects against sharp glass & metal. Our Kevlar™ safety clothing is manufactured in Canada.

Intertex cut resistant materials include Kevlar™, Cane Nylon, & other Aramid blend fabrics. Choice of fabrics for our cut resistant clothing include our Norfab™ 8 oz. 100% Kevlar™ (08TT333), Norfab wire inserted Kevlar™ (09TT344), and our 22 oz. Norfab Kevlar blend (22PT338). Intertex manufactures cut resistant clothing that includes Kevlar™ sleeves, aprons, wrist guards, chaps, jackets, and Kevlar™ Knit sleeves. Our Kevlar™ Knit sleeves protect not only against sharp glass but are also heat resistant.

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Intertex also manufactures cut resistant Cane Nylon sleeves and wrist guards. Our cut resistant cane nylon safety clothing provides good cut protection and durability.

Intertex is a supplier of Kevlar™ oven roller wraps, tapes, & cords. Our Kevlar™ oven wraps are used primarily to cover the steel rollers in flat glass manufacturing Tempering and Laminating ovens, and protect the hot glass from marking/checking.

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