Molten Metal Testing

There are 2 common standards in place to measure the performance of fabrics used to manufacture protective clothing for hot metal work. The most widely used in North America is the ASTM F955 pour test.

The ASTM F955 test demonstrates and measures the protective performance of fabrics against molten metal splash and heat transfer. Fabric is fixed on a heat sensor board placed at a 70 degree angle. One kilogram of molten iron or aluminum is poured directly onto the fabric. The heat sensor in the board measures the temperature change on the backside of the fabric. Tests for flammability, abrasion resistance, tensile/tear strength are done separately from ASTM F955 and can be provided as requested.

The EN ISO 11612 is the European standard used to measure the protective performance of fabrics against flame, heat, and molten metal splash. This test breaks down exposure by the amount of expected hot metal exposure in grams. It tests for heat resistance, radiant heat, contact heat, flame spread, convective heat, molten aluminum and iron splash. EN ISO 11612 also tests fabrics tensile and tear strength, burst strength, and seam strength. Fabrics are given a rating according to the test results; e.g.  A designation of D1 means it passes the test for an amount of molten aluminum splash between 100 and 200 grams. D2 would be for between 200 and 350 grams.

CODE LETTER C Radiant Heat

  • C1 > 7 < 20 seconds
  • C2 > 20 < 50s
  • C3 > 50 < 95s

CODE LETTER D Aluminum Splash

  • D1 > 100 < 200 grams
  • D2 > 200 < 350g
  • D3 > 350g


  • E1 > 60g < 120 grams
  • E2 > 120g < 200g
  • E3 > 200g C4 > 95s

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