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Intertex Textiles is a Canadian supplier of woven & knitted Fiberglass ropes, tapes, tubing, and gasketing. Intertex also manufactures fiberglass and tadpole tapes and gasketing. Our fiberglass tapes and gasketing are used to seal the channels on oven doors, fireplaces and hearths. Our oven door gaskets come in plain fiberglass, as well as black graphite coated fiberglass. Options include pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) to aid in the application of our oven door gaskets. Intertex also supplies pipe lagging tapes and ropes to insulate and save energy, as well as protect personnel from high heat sources.

Intertex textiles is a Canadian supplier of listing tapes and ropes. Our listing tapes are used to wrap steam tracer lines and pipes to insulate heat and reduce enery loss. Intertex listing tapes are widely used in the petro-chemical energy sector as pipe wrapping. Our Thermoglass™ Tape brand of listing tapes and ropes are quality made products and come in many different finishes, including silicone coated fiberglass tape, vermiculite coated, Teflon™ coated, and adhesive backed (PSA). Intertex is also the sole Canadian distributor of Thermoglass™ cloths and tapes in Canada.

Thermoglass™ is a registered trademark of Amatex/Norfab Corporation.
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