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Care & Maintenance

We offer a Care & Maintenance Guideline which we urge customers to distribute to all of their associates and post in a central area.

The Care & Maintenance Guideline includes some very key principles in terms of a company’s safety plan & PPE:

  • How the clothing should be worn (donning & doffing) to maximize protection
  • Cleaning instructions
  • Replacement instructions for damaged, heavily soiled and/or worn out safety clothing items so as not to compromise an associate’s protection

Risk Assessment

Workplaces, processes, materials used and products are different in every application. There is no one size fits all or one rule fits all for determining risk and ameliorating the hazards.

Intertex can help you decide what – if any – protective clothing you may need to provide. We can help you assess the risks from any work with molten metal.

Ultimately the responsibility is up to the end user so be informed and choose wisely. However, Intertex can assist you through our years of experience and even on-site visits. 

On-Site Material Testing

Every plant and every process is slightly different. We can provide you with samples and guidance.

You may wish to perform your very own molten metal splash tests with your own molten material or test out how a fabric withstands the rigors of your actual application.

Let us know the type of hazard and any details and we can offer you assistance in choosing candidates for your critical PPE, insulation and equipment protection. We are here to assist you.

Let’s talk safety

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