Heat Resistant Industrial Textiles

Thermoglass™ 100% Fiberglass:

Intertex’s Thermoglass™ products are made from 100% texturized (woven) fiberglass yarns and are available in cloth, tape, rope and tubing forms for applications requiring high heat resistance to 1000° f. Intertex’s Thermoglass™ fabrics offer the safest, most effective alternative to Asbestos. Our Thermoglass™ products are also available with a vermiculite (Vertex) coating. The Vertex coating adds heat and flame resistance while adding stability and durability over plain fiberglass. A popular choice for welding applications where increased flame and temperature resistance are needed.

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  • 750° f continuous up to 1000° f
  • maximum flexibility
  • chemical resistant
  • lightweight
  • coatings include plain, heat-treated, aluminized, vertex, neoprene
  • non-flammable
  • heat-treated complies to Mil spec MIL-C-20079H
  • excellent dimensional stability


Welding curtains and drop cloths; Fire Blankets; Pipe lagging, flange and valve covers, insulation covers; expansion joints; pipe and hose wrapping; heat barriers; oven door seals; gasketing; hose and cable covering; fire blankets; machinery protection.
Thermoglass™ is a registered trademark of Amatex/Norfab Corporation.

Kevlar™/ Aramid Fabrics

Norfab™ Para-Aramid, Kevlar™ Cloth, Tapes, Rope

When durability, abrasion resistance, and cut resistance are required in your application, look for our selection of Norfab Para/Aramid blend cloths, tapes, and ropes. Norfab fabrics are exceptionally rugged and stand up to abrasive, high-heat environments to 650° f. Excellent dimensional stability, thermal protection and strength are a few of the properties that make Norfab your best choice for protective clothing and abusive environments.


  • available coatings include plain, aluminized, Teflon™ and silicone impregnated
  • non-irritating, clean and comfortable
  • easily fabricated
  • chemical resistant
  • lightweight and flexible
  • excellent durability, abrasion resistance, and thermal protection

Applications Include:

Welding blankets, curtains and drop cloths; heat shields and molten-splash barriers, safety clothing; filtration cloths; pipe and boiler insulation, gasketing; aircraft seat blocking; fire entry protection, cable-sleeve protection;

*Also available:
Aramid felted tapes and cloths. A flexible, non-irritating alternative to fiberglass and 50% more thermal insulating protection. Highly abrasion resistant, our felted aramids are perfectly suited to pipe and steam tracer line insulation.

Kevlar™ & Teflon™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

Silicone & Teflon™ Coated Fabrics

Silicone and Teflon™ impregnated cloths and tapes have a high resistance to tear, puncture, abrasion and breakdown due to flexing and vibration. The coatings provide increased resistance to moisture, chemical attack, stain, sparks or minor metal splash in a variety of harsh environments. Base cloths available include Fiberglass and Para-Aramid, Kevlar™, & Silica; in 15.5 oz, 16.5 oz, 17 oz, 18.5 oz, and 34 oz. Commonly used for removable insulation covers and welding blankets; Intertex Silicone/Teflon™ products offer a versatile alternative for temperatures to 500° f.


  • continuous protection to 500° f
  • oil, chemical and water resistance
  • easily fabricated
  • eliminates fraying and dusting over plain fiberglass
  • increased durability over fiberglass
  • colours available

* Pure Teflon™ joint sealants also available


Removable insulating covers for machinery, valves, flanges and equipment; protective covers; welding blankets and drop cloths; expansion joints; safety clothing; chemical/oil molten metal splash guards.

** A full line of accessories for fabrication are also available including: high temperature threads, stainless steel mesh, hook and loop and drawstring cords**

Kevlar™ & Teflon™ are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates.

High Temperature Silica Cloth


For applications where very high heat resistance is required, Intertex silica cloths/tapes/ropes offer maximum protection in the harshest of environments. Asbestos-free silica fabrics protect personnel and equipment from the extremes of heat and cold from a cryogenic environment of -100°f to a high-heat situation of 3000° f. Silica is fireproof and chemical resistant. The ultimate in protection from heat and molten slag. Intertex also offers ceramic wool blanket for extreme temperatures to 3200° f. Ceramic wool insulation is commonly used for lining furnaces and insulation in removable covers.


  • continuous protection to 1800° f
  • excursion temp to 3000°f
  • optimal choice for welding applications
  • flexible
  • chemical resistant
  • finishes include silicone coated, aluminized, abrasion resistant coating
  • high temp but low abrasion resistance
  • fireproof
  • electrical insulator
  • low thermal conductivity


Welding drop cloths; heat shields; furnace curtains; pipe wrap; insulation and protection of cable lines, tubing and cable; personal protection; heat treat/stress relief insulation; removable covers

Specialty Fabrics

Basofil “OMNI 45″™ Turnout Gear Fabric

Omni 45™ is firefighter turnout gear outer shell fabric made with Basofil™ heat and flame resistant fiber” from BASF. OMNI 45™ is the best outer shell fabric product available today for maximum protection when exposed to flame and/or heat and dangerous flashover occurrences.


  • Protection: High TTP rating (Thermal Protective Performance) when exposed to flame, and/or heat and dangerous flashover occurrences
  • Durability: “Rip-Stop” fabric, preventing small tears from becoming big ones
  • Affordability: the very best protection costs less
  • Comfort: OMNI 45™ was conceived and manufactured to assure that, when fabricated into a garment, the wearer will experience maximum comfort during stressful events
  • Colours: Available in 4 colours (Natural, AU Brown, Yellow, & Black)
  • Finish: Water Repellent
  • Fiber Make-Up: 40% Basofil™/60% Para-Aramid
  • New high performance Omni Quilt™ thermal liners
  • Omni 45™ outer shell fabrics are certified to meet NFPA1971-2000 and actually exceed the performance standards


Fire Fighter’s Turnout gear; custom solutions.

Basofil™ is a registered trademark of Amatex/Norfab Corporation.